SessionTopicLecturer(s)Date & Time
1Introduction to LCAYvonne van der Meer, Cris García Saravia16/04/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
2Applications of LCAMatty Janssen23/04/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
3LCA methodologyPouya Samani30/04/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
4An illustrative LCA studyAli Ghannadzadeh07/05/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
5Selected LCA case studiesCarlos García Velásquez14/05/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
6Sensitivity analysisJeremy Gregory28/05/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)
7Final assessementPouya Samani, Cris García Saravia04/06/2020, 14 to 16 (CET)

Session 1. Introduction to LCA

– Introduction to the course
– Introduction to sustainability and biobased materials
– Introduction to LCA
– Introduction to circular economy

Session 2. Applciations of LCA

– Various examples of the applications of LCA in different sectors

Session 3. LCA methodology

– LCA framework and principles
– LCA goal and scope (functional unit, system boundaries, etc.)
– LCA inventory analysis
– LCA impact assessment methods
– LCA interpretation

Session 4. An illustrative LCA study

– An illustrative LCA example ( Aluminum can vs PET bottle)

Session 5. Selected LCA case studies

– In this session, selected case studies will be discussed by interacting with the participants.

Session 6. Sensitivity analysis

– uncertainty and sensitivity analyses

Session 7. Final assessement

– The participants will be assessed by reviewing a published LCA study in the field of their case study.