Who can join?

Scientists/professionals in universities and companies, as well as PhD and Master students, who are working on innovative science and have an interest in sustainability or environmental performance of their research project / product under development.

Course schedule / location

The course starts the 14th of March 2019 and will have 5+1 weekly (until April 18) onsite or interactive online sessions of 2 hours. All sessions will be recorded for later review. The last session is an preferably on site but for avoiding any restriction it could also be online session held at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Geleen, NL. You can join online if you are not able to physically join the last session.

Course team/fee

Organized and offered by the Maastricht University “Sustainability of Biobased Materials” team. Dr. Achille Laurent is your contact person.Everyone is welcome to the course, but InSciTe partners have priority.

This course consists of 6 Modules :

Module I

Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment

In this module an introduction to the relevance to perform an LCA on a biobased product in the context of sustainability, circular economy and climate change.

Module II

LCA framework and ISO standard

The guest lecturer from CIRAIG will present the steps of a LCA regarding the ISO standard.

Module III

Early stage LCA of a biobased products

Our second guest lecturer from Charmers University will show how to perform an LCA at the early stage of a biobased product development.

Module IV

LCA databased and softwares

In this session, the main databases and software will be present with a case study.

Module V

Scenario sensitivity analyses

The module 5 aims to present the importance of the resource supply and regional context of production will be demonstrate by showing some scenario sensitivity analyses.

Module VI

Assessment : Review a published LCA

For the last session, you will be the lecturers! The aim is to let you present and evaluate strengths and weakness of a published LCA study of your choice.

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