Sustainability group, AMIBM

Our group: The “Sustainability group” is part of the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM) -a European cross-border research institute co-developed by Maastricht University (in the Netherlands) and RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer IME (in Germany).
Our Mission: To provide suitable instruments and accurate sustainability assessments of materials to guide the transition from a fossil-based and linear economy to a sustainable biobased and circular economy.
Our team: A multidisciplinary team consisting of sustainability researchers with various backgrounds over the value chain.
Our Expertise: Performing, evaluating and interpreting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by investigating the environmental, as well as economic and social, impacts of materials, processes, and systems to support decision makers in universities, companies, and governments.

Chemelot InSciTe

The Chemelot Institute for Science & Technology (InSciTe) is an institute that is knowledge driven and society oriented. We work together with different partners to develop sustainable biomedical materials and produce biobased building blocks. Our research starts with a proven concept, so that we already have a clear projection of the result. We are committed to technical validation. After the consortia is formed we focus on the valorization plan in which the market, the business, and the outcome is defined. We strive to have our projects ready at the phase of safety and regulations. For biomedical projects that means first-in-human clinical trials, while for biobased projects this involves the large-scale production of biobased building blocks.